Augmented Endoscopy

Created in July 2019, Augmented Endoscopy is a startup company incubated at SATT Erganeo. The project was born from the desire to valorize the value of the research conducted by the ETIS laboratory (CNRS / ENSEA / UCP) and Saint-Antoine University Hospital (Sorbonne University, APHP) into the development of artificial intelligence solutions and innovations for gastroenterologists.

Our SaaS platform is compatible with many of the capsule endoscopy devices currently available on the market.



7 years in development
2 Ph.D. theses
7 M.D. theses
2 basic research original articles
12 clinical research original articles (including publications in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and Endoscopy journals)
3 book chapters
2 international challenges (MICCAI / GIANA)
10 international conferences (including plenary sessions)
3 patents (Europe and USA)
2 registered software modules


alain g

Alain ANGÈLE / President

Biologist, graduate in management science and international marketing, Alain brings over 25 years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical and medical equipment industries. For 10 years, until January 2019, he managed the medical division of the international group FUJIFILM.

The current president of the IMAD-SANTEDIGE research foundation, he also puts his experience and extensive network at the service of the development of Augmented Endoscopy. He has contributed strategically to the launch of several startup companies (including Fanlive, Pass Santé Mousso and others).

emmanuel d

Emmanuel DARD / Administrator

Former managing partner of Vedici, which he joined in 2000 and which later became the Elsan group (#1 operator of private medicine, surgery and obstetrics clinics in France). Five years of experience as director of a clinic in the Hauts-de-Seine department (maternity) and 20 years as Director of Procurement and Works for the Elsan group. Director of CAHPP (public-private purchasing centre) for 5 years. Manager of Aircodard, investments in tech, med tech and real estate startups since 2020.

Emmanuel Dard brought his many years of experience to the Augmented Endoscopy team when he became administrator in 2020.

xavier d

Xavier DRAY / M.D. & Ph.D.

Xavier Dray, 49 years old, is a doctor specialized in Hepato-gastroenterology. He completed his medical fellowship in Paris and, he worked as a researcher at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (USA). He also wrote a biology thesis and became a tenured member of the Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris, where he was later appointed Professor of Medicine. He has been working with Prof. Aymeric Histace's team (the ETIS team) since 2011.

Xavier Dray is currently Head of the Centre for Digestive Endoscopy at the Saint Antoine University Hospital (Sorbonne University and APHP). He is an active member of the French and European Societies of Digestive Endoscopy (SFED and ESGE), for whom he coordinates work on capsule endoscopy and applied artificial intelligence in the field of endoscopy. He is the author and/or co-author of 164 scientific publications.

romain l


Doctor in Gastroenterology - Assistant Specialist of the Gastroenterology and Nutrition Department at the Saint Antoine University Hospital in Paris (Sorbonne University, APHP). Author of numerous publications and oral presentations on small-bowel diseases. His medical and scientific work focuses primarily on digestive endoscopy and diseases of the small bowel. He actively contributes to the development of the different applications of artificial intelligence in the field of small-bowel capsule endoscopy. He is in charge of setting up and monitoring clinical trials for Augmented Endoscopy, used to evaluate the diagnostic performance of automatic detection algorithms.

aymeric h

Aymeric HISTACE / Ph.D.

University Professor at ENSEA (École Nationale Supérieure de l'Électronique et de ses Applications) and a member of the ETIS laboratory (CY Paris Cergy University, ENSEA, CNRS), Aymeric specializes in the field of Computer Vision, Signal/Image Processing for health applications. He is the co-author of over 100 scientific publications, a body of work that has received several national and international awards, particularly in the field of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.

At AE, Aymeric supports the engineering team tasked with developing innovative AI technologies. He is also the liaison between the engineering team and the clinical team.

olivier r

Olivier ROMAIN / Ph.D.

Professor at Cergy-Pontoise University and the ETIS Lab technology institute (UCP, ENSEA, CNRS).

President of the Technology and Innovation Transfer unit, specialist and director of the Embedded Systems department at ETIS Lab, he is also the author of numerous international publications.

Experienced in cross-disciplinary development initiatives involving academic research, clinical centres and industry, Olivier is an important asset with respect to R&D and scientific and academic communication.

marc s

Marc SOUCHAUD / Ingénieur Développement

Marc graduated in 2018 from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Electronique et des Applications (ENSEA), specializing in Computer Science and Systems.

For the last 3 years, in his role as R&D engineer for the Augmented Endoscopy project, he has worked on developing endoscopy data analysis algorithms by implementing AI-style architectures (Deep Learning). His background in software engineering also enables him to develop the tools required to interface with the clinical team and to ensure that the proposed methods are workable in the hospital environment. He has been a full-time member of staff at Augmented Endoscopy since January 2021.


Salomé MASBERNAT / Product Manager

Salomé is a graduate of the ECE Paris engineering school, specializing in Connected Objects, Networks and Services.

An engineer specializing in Connected Objects, Networks and Services, as Product Manager she will be responsible for product follow-up. Over the course of her training, she acquired skills in project management and design thinking, as well as many other competences that will help to further the development of the Augmented Endoscopy project.



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To feed our offer with algorithms developed and approved by recognized research centres.
Thanks to these partnerships, we will be able to strengthen our IP by obtaining new patents.


To test out and validate our modules in clinical settings.

saint antoine

We are currently working closely with physicians working in Saint Antoine University Hospital, specialized in the treatment of digestive diseases, experts in small-bowel diseases, diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy; including capsule endoscopy and deep enteroscopy. This centre is of much strategic importance to us, since it is located close to our head office and serves as a workplace for several clinicians. This will considerably facilitate our access to the market.


To enhance our databases and ensure their sustainability, we have signed an exclusive agreement with AP-HP for the development of AI solutions in the field of digestive endoscopy.

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